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Known Google Maps bugs
IOS (Apple) version

Lines and icons

Lines have been given a higher priority than icons so, at normal zoom levels, clicking on any icon displays the route information rather than the icon information. Work-arounds: 1) Zoom in to the map until there is some space between the icon and line then click the icon. 2) Click the icon, information for the route appears. Without closing the route information click again on the icon (sometimes you need to do it more than once). The icon information should now appear.

60 minute reset

60 minutes after launching Google Maps it unloads whatever map is displayed. Work-around: Re-load the map.

Missing icons

When you are cruising and the map scrolls, sometimes not all of the icons load. Additionally, As you zoom in and out of the map some icons appear and disappear. This may be down to the quality of your internet signal when the map is first loaded. Workaround: Re-load the map when you move to a new area, also switching layers off and on again can help to display missing icons.

Android version

New layout

The shared maps location has been changed. Now you need to select 'saved' from the bottom menu, scroll down to the bottom of the next page and you'll see another menu with 'maps' on the far right. Select that and you will see your list of maps.

Endless loop

You cannot remove the overview panel at the bottom when a map is loaded. Selecting a blank area on the map previously removed this but now you just end up in an endless loop going back to the map list. Work-around: Load the map then, before selecting anything, quit out of the Google Maps App and restart it. The map should still be there and the App should now function normally.